What to Look for in a FinTech Provider

What to Look for in a FinTech Provider

Posted by Tracie Hummel on Jan 20, 2017 3:10:31 PM
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Earlier this month, we attended an Aite Group webinar entitled “Top 10 Trends in Wealth Management.” During the webinar, the Aite team discussed the top 5 characteristics of FinTech companies, which, according to the independent research and advisory firm, are:

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As more FinTech vendors and solutions emerge, it can be difficult to determine which ones will bring value to your organization. We at IFS believe we fit all of the characteristics outlined by Aite Group. As a provider of process automation software for wealth management firms, we strive to ensure that our solutions for onboarding, asset movement, account maintenance and other operations processes, meet the needs of our clients and their customers. Below are some examples and details on how our solutions meet these 5 characteristics:
  • Tight integration capabilities
    • A core strength of our solutions is their ability to integrate with other applications and data sources. We do so using numerous methods including client portal/direct input, API integration and any number of data sources (books and records, internal databases, CRMs, and industry partners). 
  • Customizable experiences
    • IFS makes it simple and cost-effective for your organization to create their own unique experiences for their advisors, end clients and back office users. From UI branding, rules-based workflow and accessibility options, our solutions are built for you.
  • Supports full services, self-service and hybrid services
    • Our solutions act as a critical link between investment firms, advisors and investors. Our solutions can be adapted for a full service, self-service or hybrid model, depending on your firm's unique needs.
  • Agility toward client demand
    • IFS knows that consumer expectations are constantly evolving and more demanding than ever before. Our solutions are agile and adaptable to keep up with these increasing demands. One great example is our responsive UI, wihch supports optimal user experiences across all devices. 
  • Support investment management at lower costs
    • By automating investment-related processes such as opening new accounts, maintaining accounts and moving money, we promote cost-effective, efficient and scalable investment management.

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