Upcoming Webinar - DOL Fiduciary Rule & Best Interest Contract Exemption

Upcoming Webinar - DOL Fiduciary Rule & Best Interest Contract Exemption

Posted by Tracie Hummel on Mar 30, 2016 10:16:13 AM
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DOL Fiduciary Rule & Best Interest Contract ExemptionWith the final DOL fiduciary rule likely to be finalized within the coming weeks, financial services firms must start planning their compliance strategy. A recent study conducted by the Financial Services Institute with Oxford Economics estimated that the new rule will cost nearly $3.9 billion to implement. From implementing new systems to adding personnel, firms will need to overhaul their infrastructure and processes to ensure compliance with the new standard.

With the right approach—and technology—complying with the new fiduciary responsibility can be less of a hassle. IFS is hosting a webinar on April 26 at 2 pm ET, “The DOL Fiduciary Rule & Best Interest Contract Exemption – What It Means for You.” In this webinar, financial services veterans Ray Mulligan and Randy Barnes will provide an update on where the bill stands and, more importantly, explore different compliance strategies for both existing accounts and new accounts.

The webinar will also outline best practices for complying with the new legislation, as well as demonstrate how technology can be used to make the process more effective and guarantee compliance with the new fiduciary standard.

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