Top Reasons why Turnkey Asset Management Programs Should Partner With IFS

Top Reasons why Turnkey Asset Management Programs Should Partner With IFS

Posted by Tracie Hummel on Mar 14, 2017 3:56:20 PM
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TAMP blog.pngWith approximately 25 percent of financial advisors currently outsourcing to them, Turnkey Asset Management Programs (TAMPs) are a key player in the wealth management space. From 2011 to 2015, TAMPs went from having less than $147 billion in assets under management or administration to having over $1.75 trillion. As the demand for TAMPs continues to increase, advisors and financial services firms are looking to TAMPs to provide a total back office solution beyond their traditional offerings like proposal generation, billing and rebalancing.

IFS provides the critical back office solutions that many TAMPs are missing today, including solutions for client onboarding, account maintenance and asset movement. These industry-proven solutions allow TAMPs to increase their breadth of back office solutions, while allowing them to scale their business for continued demand of their services. In addition to the inherent benefits of our solutions, here are a few more reasons why some of the leading TAMPs are partnering with IFS:

#1: Ability to leverage industry-proven solutions
- IFS solutions reflect our 15 years of experience working with leading broker-dealers and TAMPs, as well as the subject matter expertise of our team. 

#2: Speed-to-market - Because our solutions address the unique needs of the financial services industry, they can be delivered quickly and efficiently.

#3: Seamless end-customer experiences - Begins with a friendly and easy-to-use online interface (not a form) that has built-in business and compliance rules to avoid not-in-good-order work.

#4: Robust integration capabilties - IFS allows for tight integration with CRMs, proprietary proposal tools, electronic signature vendors, and other internal or external solutions you may be using.

#5: Cost-effective pricing model - We offer flexible, scalable pricing models that work with your business model and budget.

#6: Multiple custodian architecture - Ability to support the needs of TAMPs who work with mutliple custodians, including custodian-specific workflow, rules, documents, etc.

#7: Custodian form maintenance that includes updates to the newest versions available. 

Want to learn more about IFS's solutions for TAMPs? Click the button below to download our "Solutions for TAMPs" product sheet.

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