Our Takeaways from the InvestmentNews Innovation Summit

Our Takeaways from the InvestmentNews Innovation Summit

Posted by Ray Mulligan on Apr 24, 2019 10:32:46 AM

shaun-and-rayBoy! We have some really smart people in our industry! We just came back from the InvestmentNews Innovation Summit in NYC, where IFS was very graciously nominated at a finalist in the Advisor Fintech category by a committee of industry innovators and leaders. Out of hundreds of nominees, we make the top three, a high honor indeed! The afternoon was spent hearing from the icons of the industry, those that have paved the way to better solutions, innovative approaches, and a deeper understanding of what people are looking for from financial professionals.

We were pleased that the room was filled with IFS customers, all of which we have had the wonderful opportunity to work directly with and encourage one another in building better solutions together. A few takeaways from the afternoon in NY –

  1. The next generation cares a lot more about peer benchmarking than they do about future goals, and about how their money is invested in what they care about
  2. We are all going to live longer – we have to think about time and money differently
  3. The future for financial services is about learning how to better serve the people we currently underserve – those who have historically not had equal opportunities or access to traditional financial advice 
  4. There are a lot of really smart people in our industry, who don’t stop thinking about new ways to do new things

What an exciting place to be! We are excited to be in such great company, and part of the innovation engine. Thanks to InvestmentNews for the honor and hosting a great event--we look forward to incorporating these takeaways into our solutions.

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