The Adventures of Project Gumby

The Adventures of Project Gumby

Posted by Shaun Christensen on Jun 12, 2018 9:52:00 AM

gumby-lg.jpgRecently, one of our new clients dubbed their IFS project as "Project Gumby." We couldn't be more thrilled to be associated with Gumby--he's loved near and far for his good heart and kind nature. He's an every-man hero who always leaves a place better than how he found it. And, most importantly, Gumby is super flexible. 

Top athletes are praised for their Gumby-like prowess. The U.S. Marines use the phrase "Semper Gumby." Gumby has the magical ability to shape, shift and travel to any place. He moves through any portal of the imagination. And we are honored that our client views the IFS platform the same way. We're proud to have created a platform that is as flexible, agile and versatile as Gumby himself!

Here are just a few examples of the way the IFS platform was used flexbily for this client and "Project Gumby:"

#1: Integration: Through "Project Gumby," the client was able to initiate account opening, SI and account transfers with NFS through the IFS platform. The client just had to pass in the required values and the IFS platform handled the rest of the integration with NFS.

#2: User Interface: By building a simple page structure and controlling question attributes via the IFS Rules Engine, the client was able to build a dynamic, client-facing and customized user interface using the IFS API.

#3: Workflow: Flexible workflow is often considered one of IFS's most Gumby-esque traits. This project was no exception. IFS's flexible workflow was a necessity when balancing the Applicant/Household information, opening an account, initiating subsequent enrollments and controlling the eSign experience.

In all these cases, the IFS platform was flexed and adapted to meet the needs of "Project Gumby" and our client. Semper Gumby!

Topics: Business Process Automation, Onboarding, integration, financial services

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