Getting Ready to Get Ready...Doesn't Have to Suck 

Getting Ready to Get Ready...Doesn't Have to Suck 

Posted by Roy Goodart on Jan 23, 2018 2:50:14 PM

Frustrated Business Person - resized-1.jpgWe've seen an increase in insurance carriers rushing to provide better experiences for their customers through the use of technology. Most carriers have spent millions creating easy-to-use solutions to support the sales and policy application processes. Even still, until recently, few have done much to improve the headaches associated with supporting the back end of the process. To clarify, the back end of the process includes things like:

  • Delivering a life insurance policy or annuity contract
  • Policyholder service requests
  • Simple post-issue client communications

Often, these functions are just as time-consuming and fraught with errors as the front end data collection and management.

In 2018, eDelivery, and all forms of digital transformation, have continued to be major strategic initiatives inside the C-Suite, at insurance carriers. It’s taken years of research to prove the ongoing benefits of cycle time reductions, increased placement lifts, and overall community cost reductions; in fact, all of these benefits are why budgetary funds are approved and available for these investments.  However, not all insurance carriers have moved forward with eDelivery projects because of the industry perception that eDelivery is a hard, time-consuming, resource intensive project that won’t always be adopted by each unique distribution channel. 

We are taking a creative approach to help carriers "get ready to get ready," and pushing aside the preconceived notions that eDelivery prep has to require huge sums of money and massive technology resources. We are doing this by using a flexible platform that doesn't constrain the process. For example, there are numerous accepted formats for data to be ingested, and documents don't have to be in PDF format. Overall, expedite provides carriers an easy means for getting ready to deliver their policies and other documents electronically. 

With expedite, it's possible for carriers to quickly improve their document delivery process at a fraction of the cost of what other vendors have offered....even if they:

  • Are not PDF ready
  • Do not have an ACORD ready eDelivery file
  • Do not have many technology resources available 

We are excited to be a part of the eDelivery revolution. Get in touch
with us today to find out how we can help you not only "get ready to get ready," but to start reaping the benefits eDelivery has to offer within a matter of weeks--not months or years. 

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