Conference Recap: ACORD 2017

Conference Recap: ACORD 2017

Posted by Mary Heimlich on Nov 2, 2017 1:56:05 PM

acord - welcome.jpgIFS attended the ACORD 2017 conference, which was held October 24 – 26 in Boston, Massachusetts. The attendees included hundreds of individuals representing insurance carriers, distribution partners, and solution providers. The agenda consisted of several general sessions and break out discussions with the goal to educate, collaborate and move the ACORD standards forward.

A few themes emerged as the conference sessions progressed.

  • Emerging Technology – New technologies continue to emerge and develop that help insurance organizations become more modern, efficient and customer-focused. Much discussion centered around ACORD’s involvement in setting standards and direction in conjunction with these technologies.
  • ACORD Initiatives – In addition to its involvement in emerging technologies, ACORD is in the process of setting JSON standards for insurance, using intelligence gained while setting XML industry standards. ACORD has also been involved in blockchain platforms.
  • FinTech & InsurTech – Expanding on the theme of ‘eacord-insurtech.jpgmerging technology,’ there were a number of sessions around specific FinTech and InsurTech solutions, focusing on which ones have been the most successful within insurance. These sessions 
  • provided insight for FinTech/InsurTech companies and advised startup companies to allow themselves to fail, in order to succeed. They also focused on the importance of understanding the demographics and behaviors of their technology users.
acord-willis.jpgOne of the highlights of the conference was the ACORD Awards ceremony, where IFS’s client, Willis Towers Watson, received several awards including a Global Citizen Award and an Organizational Leadership Award. Congratulations to our partner!

IFS is excited to be considered among the emerging technologies in the insurance space, supporting JSON and XML standards within our insurance solutions Annuva and expedite. Thank you to ACORD for providing a forum to learn, collaborate and network with our insurance industry customers and peers!

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