expedite: Better eDelivery for Broker Dealers

expedite: Better eDelivery for Broker Dealers

Posted by Roy Goodart on Feb 6, 2018 12:15:32 PM

tablet-phone-laptop.jpgA few months ago, we shared the top reasons why expedite, our eDelivery platform, is a good fit for carriers and BGAs. But expedite can bring great benefits to broker dealers as well. In this post, we share the top 10 reasons why expedite is a great fit for broker dealers: 

#1: Workflow Your Way: You should not have to worry about a vendor or insurance carrier preventing you from building exactly what you envision.  expedite will allow you to add both internal and external parties, set up auto approvals, and more. With expedite you can build out exactly what you need for your advisors’ experiences, internal operations, and unique regulations.

#2: Flexible Rules Engine: Are you sick of the internal battles for IT developer resources to move your projects forward? With expedite, everyone from business analysts to experts can build the rules that meet your exact needs for eDocument delivery. You can also associate specific communication templates, design alerts and more.

#3: Reduce Compliance Risk: expedite allows your compliance team to add required documents to the eDelivery package, disclaimers to client communications, and route completed packages back to imaging systems.  All of this can be used in combination with business rules for better efficiencies.

#4: API for Easy Integrations: expedite offers 100+ APIs that allow you to integrate your eDocument Delivery with third-party or internal enterprise systems such as, Advisor Portals, CRMs, Imaging Solutions, Reporting Dashboards and Compliance Platforms.

#5: Multi-Carrier and Multi-BGA Ready: As a broker dealer you want and need one eDocument Delivery solution that supports all insurance carriers and BGA partners – expedite has you covered.

#6: Advisor Wizard: expedite takes care of advisors who only write a couple of life or annuity policies each year. Our wizard experience makes it easy for advisors to get through the client-facing eDelivery process, with no training.

#7: Audit Review Reporting: Audits are tough and can lead to large imposed fines when requirements go missing.  expedite supports flexible internal reporting and provides the specific details auditors need to insure proper protocols are followed and all documents are delivered.

#8: Supports Advisor Assistants: Most financial advisors utilize assistants to review and manage the client document delivery experience. expedite replicates the assistant’s experience by allowing them into the workflow(s), either automatically or manually, to ensure you meet the needs of your advisors.

#9: Custom Consumer Portals: You’ve spent millions to build and maintain your consumer’s experience, so expedite offers a Consumer Portal Experience that will replicate your corporate brand’s look and feel or easily be integrated into your current portal.

#10: Be the Document Originator:  Use the expedite platform for your own eDocument Delivery automation projects, inside the broker dealer.  expedite allows you to build, maintain, and adjust client communications, disclaimers, 36-month letters and more without having an internal dependency on limited IT developer resources.

Want to learn more? Contact us today to see how expedite can transform your broker dealer's document delivery processes.

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