5 Questions with Mary Heimlich

5 Questions with Mary Heimlich

Posted by Tracie Hummel on Sep 27, 2017 11:23:51 AM
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mary-heimlich-resized.jpgA few weeks ago, we announced the addition of Mary Heimlich as our new Director of Product Management. We sat down with her and asked a couple questions, so you can get to know more about her, her background and her goals at IFS.

What was your first job ever? Your favorite part about that job? Least favorite?

My first job was at a local supermarket where I was a checkout clerk.  I enjoyed the fun work atmosphere, which was mostly due to the people that I worked with. I learned that I have a strong desire to learn new things and quickly realized I wasn’t going to learn too many new skills as a supermarket clerk. That said, I have taken many lessons from that job with me throughout my career—I want to love what I do, take the time to know the people that I work with, and learn something new every day. 

What drew you to IFS?

I wanted to work for a small, innovative company again, one that would provide a family atmosphere and one that would allow me to grow in my career. I’m glad to have found that with IFS. It’s a time of explosive growth at IFS—especially with the launch of Annuva and expedite—I really can’t imagine a more exciting time to join a new company.

What are you most excited about in your new role at IFS?

I am excited to have the opportunity to contribute to a growing company and I am very excited to help bring IFS’s technology to the insurance industry.

What do you think has been the single most significant contribution to the FinTech/InsurTech space thus far

I think the increased regulatory environment, both on the financial services side and the insurance side, has been the single most significant contributor to the emergence of FinTech/InsurTech companies. The increasing number of regulations being introduced, along with the desire for consumers to have everything at their fingertips, is causing a conundrum for larger well-established companies. Emerging FinTech companies (including IFS) are finding ways to give consumers control, while still remaining secure, compliant, and flexible using newer technology. 

What do you think will be different (or the same) about the FinTech/InsurTech space in 10 years?

Ten years is a long time, but, then again, it really isn’t. New regulations are still on the rise and I believe that financial services and insurance will be even more regulated in 10 years. As consumers demand more control and more technology, I think the role of the advisor will shift (but not go away altogether). FinTech/InsurTech companies that have found a way to adjust to the regulations quickly, while continuing to innovate and make data transparent, will succeed. That’s where I think IFS fits in. IFS provides the tools for distributors, financial advisors, and insurance companies to have what they need at their fingertips.

To learn more about Mary and her role at IFS, check out the official press release.

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